Membership Types

1. General Membership (for organizations)

General membership is open to any duly registered corporation, partnership or single proprietorship, academic institution, and non-governmental organization (NGO).

2. Affiliate Membership (for individuals)

Affiliate membership is open to individuals, including analytics practitioners, consultants, faculty members of academic institutions, and students.

Membership Types
Category Type Annual Fee (PHP)
General Companies (1-10 employees) 10,000
General Companies (11-50 employees) 15,000
General Companies (51-250 employees) 25,000
General Companies (251-500 employees) 35,000
General Companies (Over 500 employess) 50,000
General Academic Institutions 10,000
General NGO's 10,000
Affiliate  Individual Practitioners  2,500
Affiliate  Faculty 1500
Affiliate Students 500

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